Smaller companies and Start-ups traditionally work with trailing edge technologies. Today we see these technologies are exploited for cutting edge innovation such as the Internet of Things. This new era puts SMEs and Start-ups in a unique position to easily exploit exponential technologies and it marks the start of the phenomenon where hardware Start-ups are behaving like software Start-ups.

With the ultimate goal to bring Belgian start-ups in the technology scene as Champions, the Deloitte Innovation Centre was inaugurated in Leuven in April 2014. We are the first Deloitte member firm to launch such an initiative, constructing it on the solid foundations of our existing incubator and accelerator programmes. With its access to local and global networks, Deloitte Belgium is uniquely positioned to bring start-ups to the next level. Focusing on young technology companies active in analytics, digital, cyber security and mobility solutions, the Centre offers innovators intellectual capital and C-level mentoring. We believe Deloitte can be of most value to start-ups with a working proof of concept and help them to shape their strategy and business model, expand their network and validate the technology in the market. The Deloitte Innovation Centre allows Deloitte Belgium to connect with innovative new ventures in the market in strategic domains such as digital, data analytics and cyber security. In the short term these collaborations give valuable market insights in emerging technologies and services. In some instances, some complementary solutions strengthen our own offerings. In the long term we are investing in strong commercial relationships with the potential market leaders, and forging long-lasting partnerships that could help us to evolve as a professional services firm. We consider our collaborations with the participating start-ups as the confirmation that the Deloitte Innovation Center is realising its purpose. Applications in target domains